Thrift Store Find Desk

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I wanted to share last night's Thrift Store find:  a gently used desk.  It was a sweet deal at a mere  $15.00, and I get so excited thinking about all the ways I could update or redo it.  The possibilities are endless! 

It began yesterday afternoon, when my husband and oldest daughter headed to our local Thrift Store to look around.  Occasionally, the store will have some hidden treasures, like the table and chairs we scored a few months back, or the 2 wingbacks we got for a steal (covered with  slipcovers until I get the nerve to try recovering), etc.

They arrived back home, hauling a mammoth sized desk....for me!  That's right....I now have my own craft table/desk, and couldn't be happier.  I've been working from an old dining able.....like a bistro table....pretty small when you're trying to lay out projects.  All my craft supplies were neatly stored (thank you October Overhauling) on a shelf.  Now, I'll finally be able to merge everything.

Can't you just picture the projects?!

It was HEAVY, and took both of us lifting, in order to get it through the door, which I'm guessing is a good sign and means it's sturdy.  The top surface is dark laminate, totally spotless, and an excellent place to spread out.  In fact, the length is taller than me, and I'm 5'8".  I know this because, yes, I did lay down on it just to see.      

A really cool part is that I can use the drawers to access things more quickly than I could if I were running back and forth.....like before.  Look, I'm already storing my paint samples!

I know, I know....excited over drawers....geesh

The BEST part though,  is that it's large enough to accommodate me + 2 of my friends (well, if anyone I lived near liked doing craft projects that is), or my girls (although I sort of like my adult craft time every once in a while).  Anyway, if you ever find yourself on the Gulf Coast, and you get an urge to create something beautiful, just give me a call! ;-)

And finally.......

We woke up to temperatures in the low 40's, and a cool, crisp, Northern breeze.  I am in HEAVEN!  There's just nothing better in the entire world, than sitting out on a deck, in the cool weather, or sitting in your craft "cave," all bundled up with a scarf, lolWhile I don't normally wear a scarf in 40 degree weather, the wind made it chilly.  I seriously think that I live in the wrong geographic location because I could deal with a whole lot more of this weather.

Thanks for stopping by today to check out the my latest Thrift Store find.  Remember, the Crafter's Dream Giveaway Hop goes live on October 21st, and it's HUGE!  Also, I'll start posting, this Tuesday, on the I Am More Than Just Blog, with Megan of Brassy Apple. (I'll still be posting here too.)  I would LOVE for you to stop by over and say hello.  

Have a very blessed weekend!


Pamela said...

What an awesome find! kudos to hubby

themosbysinchina said...

Wow! That was so sweet of them to bring home a desk for you! It looks awesome! I love how big it is. Man I love thrift stores! Miss them! I completely agree with you about the weather! I instantly am filled with praise when a cold front comes in. I just feel so happy, and can't help but smiling when i have to put on a scarf or beanie!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving that desk! Thrift stores are fabulous...and yard sales! Very cool find. :)


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