~Girls Night In~

Hope you're all having a SUPER Saturday!  Thanks so much for stopping by~
 Last night was an official "Girls Night IN" for us.  The little angels and I cooked, hoola-hooped, had makeovers, built a fort out of sheets, and even held our own dance-a-thon in the middle of the living roomToday, I wanted to share a few pics of our "wild" night......... 

HOOLA-HOOP FUN....this 4 yr. old can out hoola me!

Then.......this one talked me in to "coloring" her hair....it was the remainder of the kids' "coloring" that only lasts a little while, and brushes right out, so not too scaryI eventually said okay........and she thought it looked GORGEOUS!

Check out that hair~
 But to look TRULY beautiful, she insisted on a "rock-out" outfit, and picked out this one.  She also insisted that I should be taking pictures.  Seriously, she said, "now go get your camera so I can smile."

Loving these poses...hahaha

 And yes, Mom even got to model too......but I said NO to the hair color!

My poses have NOTHING on Ramsay's, but I tried ;-)

Once Em was finished making herself over.....she took a long time getting that outfit together....it was time for dancing.  Watch out world!

Ummmmm...where did she learn THAT move?

Uh-oh, looks like little sister picked up some moves too.

By the way, our JAM was "I'm a Gummy Bear" and "Kidz Bop!"  You're probably thinking, what a wild group, and the truth is......dance parties and makeovers are pretty normal for us.   My house is, in many ways,  a lot like a stage.....drama, costume changes, rehearsing lines and dance moves.  Both girls are VERY into fashion, make-up, and putting on a show.  They love to pretend, and to act out scenes from their favorite movies.  I know....how did I give birth to such unique little personalities???

So, if you're ever in Walmart and see a lady with a couple of princesses, or clowns, or superstars, etc.....it just may be me!  Retailers have seen it all with us....glamorous evening gowns, tutus, cowboy boots...the list goes on and onIn fact, there was a period where Ramsay refused to take off those tights/tutu and boots.  And you know what.....that's okay with me.   

I pretty much am of the opinion that wearing costumes to stores, just isn't worth arguing over....besides, who cares?  I try save my strength for the bigger battles:  i.e. homework, making good choices, and so on. 

And that, my friends, was a recap of our Girls Night In.  Hope you all are having a great weekend!  Maybe you'll get your dance on, too!  

Remember to drop by on Monday, for another GIVEAWAY!  It's gonna be fun!


Sarah Phillips said...

I'm a Gummy Bear was the first song my oldest son really got into when he was around a year old :) He's 2 now and still needs some practice with his dance moves ;)

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

What a fun night in. I want to send Grace over for some a dance party. What a good mom you are AND what wonderful memories you are creating with your girls.

Pamela said...

Those girls are something else! I love the poses - and you look pretty spiffy yourself, girl!

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