So What Wednesday Update

Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!  Today, I'm linking up with Life After I "Dew," for SO WHAT! Wednesday.

So What Wednesday 
This week, So What......
That I'm finally uploading Halloween pictures a week or so late.  
The Lady Bug & The Tired Mama Cat

Sweet Cousins-The Baby Frog, Lady Bug, Princess & Punk Rocker

That instead of finishing Em's family reading fair project, we had all kinds of fun with this pink wig.......

Oh, and then.....this little angel walked in last night and announced that her reading fair project is NOT even required.  Basically, 3 days of work we never had to do.  WHAT?!!?


That Baby Ramsay got mad because the dog wouldn't take a picture with her. 
This is her Popeye MAD face-lol

That the only way I could keep Ramsay from "helping" with the school project was to assign HER a project.....

That things at work have been CRAZY BUSY this week.....and it looks like it'll remain that way through the week.  yeah!


That, while baby Ramsay was busy with her "project," I snuck in a little craft time.  I'm painting these black, but not sure how that will work out.  


AND finally........

That, despite the stress of work and schedules and school projects, I am thankful, thankful, thankful for my MANY BLESSINGS...including all of you! :-)

 Thanks for stopping by and have a SUPER day!


Boo's Basket said...


Shannon Dew said...

Better late than never, that's the rule, right? Cute pics!!!

sarah smart said...

Hopping over from shannon's link up.Cute Halloween pics and I love the stress burning calories ecard...so true!!

sarah from my little smarties

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

What adorable pictures. I adore seeing you and the girls in their Halloween costumes. I love that you dressed up too. And, how sweet of you to give Ramsay her own project, she must have felt so important.

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