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Welcome and thanks for stopping by!  Just a reminder that today, I'm guest posting over at Megan's I Am More Photo blog.  I would absolutely love it if you stopped by to check it out!


I'm also linking up with Lena B. Actually for the Tuesday 10.  This week's theme is ..........  

Random Acts of Kindness.



With the holiday season upon us, that magical time where we see people giving selflessly and showing goodwill toward mankind, this theme is perfect.   

The desire to help others is a big part of my nature.  Please don't misunderstand....I'm certainly NOT patting myself on the back, telling you that I'm Miss Wonderful.  I just mean that giving to others has always been something I enjoy (and yes, my reasons are a little selfish) because, 
It makes ME feel good.

This holiday season, I plan to challenge myself to take that giving to the next level.....to do more.....to give more....to show more kindness and goodwill toward others.....to overlook the petty and inconsequential. I truly believe that, when you're a blessing to others, those blessings are returned tenfold.

Here's a list of some of the things I hope to accomplish during this holiday season:

  • Uplifting Others- I think it's important to encourage and uplift those around us.  Everyone needs someone to believe in them....to have a cheerleader quietly cheering them on.  I hope to be that uplifting cheerleader to someone.


  • Surprise Someone- Whether it be to pay for the person behind me in line, or suprising someone with a "happy" just because, or to see a need and MEET it!.........I hope to make someone's day brighter, and load a little lighter.
  •  Use Kind Words- Words have tremendous power, the ability to build up or tear down.  I hope to bless and build up others with my words, this holiday season.

  • Be polite- Even if someone is rude, be polite and considerate to others. I plan to say please, thank you, etc., and treat them politely.

  • Show kindness & thanks to our Soldiers & Vets- I have tremendous respect for our soldiers and their families.  This season especially, I'd like to do something to honor and serve them.  Whether that's donating time to the Veterans' home, a financial gift, etc. I firmly believe they deserve it and much more.

  •  Compliment Others- I'm already pretty good at this one, and quite often, will compliment complete strangers.  I believe that, if you're thinking something good about someone, SHARE IT!  One day a lady in a store (where I frequently bought groceries) told me that she loved when I came in because I was always so nice.  This meant the WORLD to me.  Compliments are the best, and I'll certainly be doling them out this season.

  • Create a Kindness Jar- I'd like to make a kindness jar, with my girls, in order to help them learn how to show kindness to others.

  • Be a Helper- Return someone's cart to the store, hold a door open, let someone go first, etc.  I'd like to be a helper to those around me.


  • Support my Fellow Bloggers-  I've been blessed to make friends with some truly remarkable people.  I hope to support them in any way I can. 
  •  Say I Love You- The last few years, I've lost several loved ones, so I know how life can change in an instant.  I vow to make certain that those around me KNOW they are loved and appreciated!

 And that, is my list of random acts of kindness I hope to accomplish this holiday season.  I can't wait to read others' lists!  But that's not all, because we do have a WINNER for the Grateful Heart Giveaway!

CHRISTINE C. - Congrats!!!  You should have an email from me. 

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.  And now...........I'm off to the NEW ORLEANS ZOOSee you all tomorrow!

We have a Winner in the Grateful Heart Giveaway....Christine C!! Congrats Christine-hope you enjoy your gift card.


Amy Bateman said...

Great list of kindnesses. Thanks for linking up this week. :)

Robin said...

I nominated you for the Leibster award. Check out my blog to learn more about it.

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

What an inspiring list of kind inspired acts to try this season. You are certainly setting a wonderful example for your beautiful girls.

And, I just read Robin's comment, congratulations on getting the Leibster. I remember when I was awarded it, I felt like I had really made it in the world of blogging. Enjoy the honor my friend.

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