Yellow Friday is HERE!

I'm excited to share one of the best shopping events of the season: Yellow Friday, hosted by The Chirping Moms! 

Yellow Friday is a weekend long shopping event FULL of great deals. The Chirping Moms got together 35 fabulous places to shop online & all of them are offering big discounts for their event. A lot of the stores are also offering items in a GIANT giveaway. That's happening over on their site, so be sure to go enter! 

Why wait for Black Friday when you can shop all of these wonderful small businesses now? This is a chance to sit back, relax & get your holiday shopping done from the comfort of your own home. It's easy to shop the deals, because all 35 stores are using the same coupon code: chirpholiday

Below you will find each company/ Etsy shop participating, an idea of what they sell & what their Yellow Friday deal is. Just click on the store name & it will take you right over to their site to shop. ALL of the stores are using code: chirpholiday (unless a different code is noted)

Happy shopping everyone!

Yellow Friday Deals 2013
1. Artterro:  Eco-friendly art kids
20% off
2. Bitty Birdie Boutique: Overstock designer children's clothing at fantastic prices.
$10 off $50 purchase + FREE SHIPPING

3. Bleu Collar Paperie:  Paper goods and more

4. Blocks Paper Paints:  Fun home decor for every occasion 
20% off 

5. Bridier Baubles: Accessories perfect for any occasion

6. CP Toys:  Online toy shop
(excludes Playmobil, Thomas & Friends, Melissa & Doug, Lego & sale items)

7. Designed to Shine:  Custom Jewelry and accessories

8. D & L Designs:  Hand stamped flatware and hidden message bracelets
10% off

9. Felted Kitten: Eco-friendly felt crowns and handmade goods
25% off

10. Flutterbye Prints:  Personalized prints, teacher gifts, and more

11. From the Heart Creations:  Custom appliqu├ęd clothing
30% off

12. Instathis:  Instagram photos printed on wood, aluminum, or coasters  
30% off 

13. Lil Bean Baby Boutique:  Custom boutique baby items
10% off

14. Lion and Lamb:  Handmade kids t-shirts
25% off

15. Loveliest Littles:  Infant and children's clothing and accessories
25% off all orders $10 or more

16. Minted: Holiday cards

17. Miss Monogram:  Personalized gifts and accessories
20% off

18. Olivia and Owen:  Kids' boutique clothing
50% off

19. One Good Name:  Personalized placemats
Buy 1, Get 1 Free Placemat Downloads
Place coupon code in the NOTES section & you will receive a message on how to redeem free mats

20. Opposite of Far:  Play masks and tails
15% off + FREE GIFT with purchase over $40

21. Pearls & Petit Fours:  Decorative pillows and banners

22. Pennymeade: Classic children's clothing
25% off

23. Pop Pops Furniture Co:  Hand-crafted children's furniture
15% off Animal Stools

24. Preppy Paper Girl: Monogrammed and paper gifts
25% off

25. RAKA Mod:  Furniture and decor for the modern home
20% off

26. Shiloh Design Company: Handmade picture frames and home decor
20% off + discounted shipping

27. Sila Boutique:  Online shopping boutique catering to moms and children
15% off

28. Smock Your Tot:  Clothing and accessories for children, youth, and ladies

29. Starlight Woods: Eco-friendly jewelry
15% off

30. Three 1 Seven Designs:  Unique home accessories and decor
20% off

31. Tiny Dancer: Beautiful leotards & skirts
$5 off $20 Purchase

32. Truly Sanctuary:  Unique shirts for the whole family
30% off

33. Wavy Navy:  Custom wood signs, photo frames, and clocks
20% off

34. Whole Wide World:  Hand-stamped coffee mugs and tea cups
15% off items $14 or more

35. Wren's Nest Creations:  Handmade baby shoes for boys and girls
15% off


NaBloPoMo November {Typing Your Heart Out}

You're probably looking at this thinking, "What?! She's alive?" Yes friends, I'm alive and well and officially back to the business of blogging. Okay, Okay, so I said it before.. but this time I really am back. Perhaps as some time passes I'll be able to share the reason behind my little hiatus....because trust me, it was a doozy {however you spell that}.  But for now, because it's a bit of a sore subject, I'll temporarily keep it to myself. Suffice it to say it involves life changing experiences and a possible big move. On that note, I'm definitely open to suggestions of great places to live/work around the country.  It could be time for a really BIG change....

In the meantime, I'm linking up with BlogHer for NaBloPoMo November!

NaBloPoMo Prompts


That time I messed up....

Welcome Friends! I'm glad you're here and hope you're having a fabulous Friday!  Guess who screwed up scheduling their Wednesday post, and then got busy and forget to post Thursday?  Any guesses? Yeah, yeah, it was me.  Seriously though, am I the only one that goes in, schedules, then notices a change needs to be made, so I go back in, edit, and then somehow it's not scheduled anymore?  I'm going to take a leap and guess that it's probably operational error on my end, but I swear I can't figure out why that keeps happening.  Anyway, enough of my blog operation drama....time for a little Blogtember catch-up.

So, without further ado, Blogtember prompt #25:  Write about a time you screwed up - a mistake you made 

Needless to say, I didn't have a shortage of material with this topic.  Lord knows it's true, that I've made some  lots of mistakes over the years.  One that I look back on and laugh about, was the time I decided to sneak a cigarette....at 14 yrs. old.  Keep in mind that no-one in my family smoked so our's was definitely a non-smoking household {this information will be important in the story}.

The ironic part of this incident is that, growing up, I was the parent-pleaser, the rule follower, the quiet child who stayed out of trouble.  Where I got the idea to smoke I'll never know.  It's like one of those cartoon devils popped over my shoulder.

So.....there I was, age 14, sitting on the couch having just returned from Florida with my family.  I was really loving it because my sister and brother had stayed an extra day with my aunt and uncle, giving me free reign of the house and time alone with Mama and Daddy.  That night, after my parents went to bed, for some strange reason, I got to thinking about those cigarettes just sitting there.  Maybe because they were so out of place?  So forbidden perhaps?  One of my dad's workers had been at the house working and left them when he came in to wash his hands.  Mama put them on the counter for my Dad to take back to the man.

I started wondering what I'd look like with it, or if I could do that cool smoke curl like Frenchy in "Grease."  I'll tell you right now, it didn't end pretty....definitely NOT with any smoke curls. And also, I looked like a moron, but I'm jumping ahead.

Scary Hair'd Me @ age 14

Long story short, I grabbed a cigarette, some fireplace matches and headed to my brother's room {the one on the opposite end of the house from my parents}.  Instead of opening up the window to his room or turning on a fan/vent, I locked myself in the bathroom and lit up.  I may have taken 2 small puffs before thinking, "this sucks," and flushing it down the toilet. But those two puffs were enough to get me in big trouble.

At that point I probably should have sprayed some air freshener or something....but I didn't.  Instead, I headed back to the living room and piled up on the couch to watch a movie.  You can guess about how many seconds it took my dad to come barreling out of the bedroom saying, "Oh my gosh! Do you smell smoke?"  Ummm, no Dad, I definitely do NOT smell smoke.  I guess I was a smoker AND a liar apparently.

My stomach in knots, Daddy trying to find the 'fire,' I knew the jig was up when I saw Mama walk out.  She didn't play when it came to discipline and she could read me like a book.  One glance at my face and she was saying, "Trin, what did you do?!"

I had a whole lot of explaining I had to do that night, and was more embarrassed than anything.  Needless to say, I didn't try anything like that again.  So there it is, one of many screw ups from my past.  Now it's your turn.....anyone else do something sort of stupid?  :-)

Until next time....


The Story that gave me HOPE

Happy Tuesday Friends, and thanks so much for stopping by.  It's day 24 of Jenni's Blogtember Challenge, where the prompt is:  REVIEW A BOOK, PLACE, OR PRODUCT.  

Being that I literally carry around books in my purse {get an e-reader already, right? lol} I could do book reviews all day long.  Though I usually read fiction...you know, mystery, murder, and mayhem?....I also enjoy other genres.  One of my all time favorites is the book "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo..  If you've never read it, be prepared for chill bumps...no matter what you believe.

It's the story of Colton, a pastor's four year old son who experienced heaven during surgery.  He came back sharing things he couldn't possibly have known:  meeting the sister his mom miscarried, talking with a grandfather he'd never met, and a truly miraculous similarity with another child, half a world away.

I seriously read it in less than 2 days because I just couldn't put in down.  At the time, I was still reeling from multiple miscarriages {I shared that experience here}.  Colton's story helped put things into perspective and reminded me that I'll see my loved ones again.  

So if you're looking for entertainment, inspiration, and a whole lot of hope, I highly recommend you read 'Heaven is for Real."  You won't regret it.

Have a happy Monday friends!



It's official, I'm BACK, and hopefully better than before. :-)  Man, how I've missed you guys!  For those of you still stopping by to visit....God bless you - You're the BEST!  As most of you know, my blogging has been a bit sporadic as of late, mostly because I've been "through the ringer" health wise.

When I left off, I was trying to follow along with Jenni's Blogtember Challenge but only made it the first day.  Better late to the party than never, right?  So here I am, jumping right back in for day 23, and it's so ironic that today's prompt is "Life Lately" {bringing everyone up to speed on your life}.

The short version of my recent life is that, several months ago, I became sick {swollen from my toes to my stomach, hurting, exhausted, and with white spots on my cheeks}.  I saw a dermatologist, general MD, Internist, Nurse Practitioner, and finally an Oncologist/Hematologist.  At first I was told Lupus but, after literally months of testing, the official diagnosis is: an inability to absorb iron.  For whatever reason, my body was rejecting iron and I was wasting away and shutting down from having become so low.


Blogtember {Who & Where I Come From}

Welcome Friends, and thanks so much for stopping by!  After over a month of being sick and then nearly a week without my computer, it feels SO GREAT to be back online and blogging!  I'm especially excited because this week began the Blogtember Challenge, hosted by Jenni at Story of My Life.

I took part in her Blog Everyday in May challenge and absolutely loved it....made some great friends and met so many people from around the world.  She's just kicking off Blogtember and I'd LOVE it if you joined in the fun!

Day 1 Challenge - September 3rd was to describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

I come from the South, the deeeeep south, which immediately says several things about me.....{NO, I am not married to my brother, nor do I spit tobacco, lol...you know you've heard the tales}  Rather, it means that I come from a place where just about everyone smiles to say hello, where most of the men I know hunt in the winter and fish during the summer, and everyone has at least one truck.  It also means that when we get snow {you know, every 15-20 years}, I'm outside, jumping around with my mouth hanging open....actually, EXACTLY like this girl. :-) 


Growing up, I learned to swim, drive a boat, and bait a hook before you learned cursive writing.  By age 4 I'd gone through my very first Category 4 Hurricane {Lord knows how many by now}, and have skills like:  naming sea life, water skiing, gigging flounder, and so on....you know, skills I probably wouldn't have learned growing up elsewhere.  So yeah, my environment definitely plays a role in helping shape who I am.

However, my greatest influence is {and will always be} my Mama.  If you've been around the blog before, you know that I lost her way too soon.   But during the time that I had her, she helped shape and mold me into who I am today.  She was always a hard worker, kind-hearted, and the least judgmental person I've ever known.

I remember her telling me, time and again:  "Who are WE to judge THEM?  We've never walked in their shoes."  That advice in particular sticks out in my head as one I seem to remember well.  When I catch myself "tsk tsk'ing" because of the way someone is behaving, I remind myself of those words.

Every once in a while, someone will say, "Aren't you Rene's daughter?"  It's with a smile that shake my head yes thinking, if I can be half the person she was, I'll be just fine.

So there you have it friends....who I am and where I come from.  Now I'm off to read more about you.  Remember, if you haven't linked up, it's definitely not too late.  Hope to see you back tomorrow. :-)


Blogtember is Coming!

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by!  You know how I've had my hands full around here with doctor's visits and more homework than I probably did in my entire school history?  Well, it's made it hard to get back into the swing of things with blogging.....and I want to change that!  

For me, blogging provides such a sense of joy and an outlet to share and interact with others.  It's also been the source of some pretty great friendships!  That being said, there's no way I'm quitting. :-)  In order to help me get back into the swing of it, I'm proud to announce that I'll be following alone with Jenni for BLOGTEMBER! {Jenni was also the mastermind behind Blog Everyday in May} It just sounds fun, right?!

Story of My Life

Blogging will begin on May 3rd, after the Labor Day Holiday, and will run through September 30th.   Want to know the best part though?  NO WEEKENDS!

Here's the list of topics and their corresponding days:

Tuesday, Sept. 3: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.
Wednesday, September 4: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do? (bonus points for fun photos from Pinterest, but don't forget to cite the source!)
Thursday, September 5: Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered.
Friday, September 6: A story about a time you were very afraid.
Monday, September 9: Take this short personality test and respond to your results. (at the end, find the detailed profile of your personality account - click "click to view" under "You" and "self awareness and personal growth." You can even google your type and find more info on it!)
Tuesday, September 10: Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.
Wednesday, September 11: Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.
Thursday, September 12: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.
Friday, September 13: A self portrait
Monday, September 16: Write a public love letter to someone in your life. (It doesn't necessarily need to be romantic.)
Tuesday, September 17: A memory you would love to relive.
Wednesday, September 18: Only photos
Thursday, September 19: Creative writing day: write a (very short) fictional story that starts with this sentence: "To say I was dreading the dinner party would be the understatement of the century."The story does not necessarily need to have a conclusion - you can leave your readers wishing for more!
Friday, September 20: React to this term: comfort.
Monday, September 23: A "life lately" post. What you're up to, how you're feeling, how you're doing on your goals, etc. Bonus points for great photos!
Tuesday, September 24: Review a book, place, or product.
Wednesday, September 25: Write about a time you screwed up - a mistake you made.
Thursday, September 26: Go to a coffee shop. Order a favorite drink. Write about what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Or write about anything you'd like! Bonus points for including a photo from the coffee shop. (I recommend downloadingOmmwriter and bringing headphones along!) *if you can't make it to a coffee shop, at least leave your usual space and write someplace new.Friday, September 27: An anonymous letter to your Facebook friends. Be as snarky as you'd like. (but don't include people's real names.)
Monday, September 30: Share a photo of something old. Maybe something that has personal history for you, that was passed down to you, and that has special meaning to you. Tell us about it and why it's special.

So there you have it....BLOGTEMBER, coming live in just a few short days.  Now, who's WITH me on this?  It'll be fun; however having all of you join in as well would make it over the top good!  Whatcha say?  Anyone interested in joining the party?

Hoping your day is well my friends!

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